We as Recognized Referral Facilitators of Mayo Clinic in India are privileged to assist patients from India who wish to be treated at Mayo Clinic in the United States as well as to assist healthcare providers and physicians who wish to consult or coordinate with Mayo Clinic regarding patient care, laboratory testing or advances in science and medicine.

About Us

Ask4healthcare is India's leading healthcare services company catering to the treatment related information needs of over 200,000 domestic and international patients on a monthly basis. Our panel of medical advisors assist patients in figuring the best possible treatment options for their ailments - answering queries related to - Right diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment cost & last but not the least - expert doctors and hospitals - in India as well as worldwide.

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Our Services

Ask4healthcare is a local service that assists patients from India who wish to be treated at Mayo Clinic in the United States of America. We facilitate patient referrals to one of Mayo Clinic’s three campus locations; Rochester, Minnesota, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona and Jacksonville, Florida.

Ask4healthcare mainly provides assistance in arranging appointments, translation of medical records and patient registration.

Ask4HealthCare representatives are trained to assist patients as they seek a second opinion or treatment at Mayo Clinic, including providing Mayo Clinic information, travel assistance and other concierge services.


Facilitation and Scheduling of Appointments

Our staff will collect the patient’s medical information, submit it to Mayo Clinic and work with Mayo Clinic’s International Appointment Office to seek appointments with the appropriate team of specialists


Medical Records Translation

Our team provides English interpretation services to help ensure that distance and language are not obstacles to receiving care and treatment at Mayo Clinic


Visa Application

All Local Nationals/Residents of India who need to enter the U.S.A must obtain a temporary basis visitor’s visa to receive medical treatment. The process of applying for a visa involves careful preparation. It is important to present an accurate application the first time

How does this service help you?

Save the time and hassle of travelling to the US in case you are already getting the best possible treatment

Mayo Clinic’s dedicated team of appointment coordinators will do a thorough review of the appointment requests sent by Ask4healthcare Referrals. Mayo Clinic physicians review the patient’s medical records, determine if they can offer value to the patient or if the patient is best served maintaining the local plan of care. Once all required records and supporting documents are provided, it will take approximately 3 to 5 business days to get an acknowledgement and another few days to get the disposition of the doctor’s review. If an appointment is offered, Mayo Clinic sends a Confirmation Letter with the appointment date. If the specialist determines Mayo Clinic cannot offer additional value to the patient, a Regret letter is sent by Mayo Clinic to encourage the patient to maintain their current treatment plan locally.

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Just fill in your basic contact details below and our team shall get in touch within the next 24 hours to take you through the whole process.

Getting the proper care a patient needs starts with scheduling the right appointment. Ask4healthcare Referrals team receives a patient’s medical information, submits it to Mayo Clinic and works with Mayo Clinic International Appointment Office to get an appointment with the right specialist team.

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