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Query : Is there any treatment for subglottic stenosis?
The treatment of subglottic stenosis depends upon the various factors out of them the grade of stenosis is a very important factor. sometimes grade 1 stenosis can be managed conservatively if patients condition allows with taking all the precautions. But in most of the cases the mainstay of the treatment for subglottic stenosis is surgery.
Query : Suffering from moderate mixed hearing loss in my right ear - Need expert advice.
depending upon the degree & type of mixed hearing loss, it can be treated with medication or surgery. there are various surgical options available to recover this loss of hearing depending upon the exact diagnosis. common cause being chronic otitis media, otosclerosis etc. in chronic otits media there is discharge from ear & hearing loss due to perforation or retration of tympanic membrane. Surgery aims at restoration of hearing by grafting tympanic membrane along with reconstruction of ear ossicles if required. in otosclerosis there is only hearing loss the tymapnic membrane is intact. here the ear ossicle called stapes becomes fixed so by surgery this stapes is replaced by a prosthesis. these surgeries have got a sucess rate of 80-90%. non surgical options are also available for few conditions.
Query : Need advice from best ENT doctor.

  Whistling sound in the operated ear is common and normal in immediate post operative period. Clicking sound while yawning n swallowing is mostly due to TM joint not related to this condition most probably.

vertigo is a known complication after stapedotomy, probable cause can be labyrinthitis, due to a pressure change in the middle ear, exposure to loud sounds or improper size of the piston. Usually its short lasting and improves with medications like vertin and stametil after some time. Piston size varies from patient to the patient it can range from 3.75 to 5mm. The required size of the piston is measured in every patient at the time of surgery and then the piston is resized & placed. In rare cases where the size of the piston is inappropriate, patient experiences vertigo in the postoperative period which does not respond to medications in those cases the piston removal is required.

CT findings are normal.

advice: continue antivertigo medications.

*follow up with ENT if vertigo doesnt respond.

Query : Looking for treatment advice for Preauricular Sinus at Delhi.

Preauricular sinus is a early age problem, mostly parents notice the problem in first few years of life.

this is not a emergency or life threatening problem.

usually it doesn't cause any trouble to the person but occasionally it may get infected in that case can lead to abscess formation which may need antibiotics &/or surgical drainage.

definitive treatment will be surgical excision.

as the age is 2.5 years you can wait for few months or years till this thing doesn't cause any trouble.

surgery for this will be a minor surgery but has to be done under general anesthesia as kids doesn't cooperate.

Complications of surgery can be like a surgical scar in the region, recurrence and anesthesia complications.

can consult me in my hospital.

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Query : Need advice regarding nosebleed treatment.

Sir some time nasal bleeds can cause lot of trouble to the patients.

. Most of the times these are not serious issues n can be treated easily.

Yes occasionally they can become diagnostic dillema for the doctor too. 

Your blood reports seems to be alright.

First concern in the nasal bleed patient is to locate n find out the cause of nasal bleed.

This cause can be detected by diagnostic nasal endoscopy (DNE)  mostly in which 

Doctor examine your nose using endoscope and locate the site because of bleeding. 

Occasionally it is not possible to exactly find out the cause in that cases doctor needs 

CT scan to find out the cause. 

Once the cause of bleeding is established the treaent becomes targeted n specific. 

Most common cause of nasal bleeding is trauma to nose which is very common n can be tackled easily.

I think this answers ur query feel free if u have any further doubts or personal visit. 
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