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Query : Still getting fits - after taking levipil250 three times daily for last 3 years. Pls advice.
Thanks for providing the details and for uploading the EEG report. The report shows a normal awake EEG pattern. I would need to ask you to elaborate on the nature of the seizure attacks that your child gets. Please mention how long the episodes last, the activities prior to, during and after the episodes, any aura, and any other related details. Also indicate how long he has been having the seizures and how it all started. In case you have an idea about the underlying cause that has been identified, please mention that as well. Based on that I would be able to suggest further course of action.
Query : Where we can go for SDR surgery in India?

Selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDRsurgery is a procedure that treats muscle spasticity by cutting the nerve rootlets in the spinal cord that are sending abnormal signals to the muscles.The process has a good success rate and is available in India. However, I need to ask you your location and based on that I can give a location that is suitable or convenient for you. 

As such it is available at

Institute of Child Development, Delhi

C-27, Malviya Nagar
Land Marks: Between State Bank of India and Indian Bank 
New Delhi-110017

You can contact them at 

[email protected] 

phone number
Office: +91-11-41012124
Mob-1: +91-8588995954 
Mob-2:  +91-7838809241

I would wait to hear back from you.

Query : Suggest best doctor for Van Der Knaap Syndrome treatment at Kolkata.

I have gone through the query and have checked the attached report. I need to mention that the condition is not curable and the treatment is supportive. In other words, developmental therapy and management of symptoms (like seizures) need to be done. I need to know what sort of complaints the child has been having for which you sought medical assistance, and for which the MRI was done.

Treatment can be availed at Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata 


Helpline: +91 33 4030 9999,

I am attached to the mentioned institute and I hope that after evaluating the child I would be able to guide you further.


Query : 3.5yr son still not speaking - whom to consult for?

Dear Patient,

Thanks for contacting me. 

The problem needs to be discussed in detail and a direct meet in my clinic would be preferable. I am from Kolkata and if you are in Kolkata please contact me on +91 9831086789 and I will arrange for an appointment. I am attached to Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata and can see you there. 

If you cannot make it, let me know and we will discuss accordingly.


Dr Diptanshu Das

Query : Suggest doctor and hospital for SDR surgery.

Thanks for asking.

SDR (Selective dorsal rhizotomy) can be done for a number of causes and the 'success rate' depends on a number of factors. In Kolkata, Dr. Gautam Das of Daradiya Pain Clinic is perhaps the best in this regard.


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