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Query : Looking for advice for best treatment of retina.
Dear Patient, this surgery costs approx between 50000-60000 dependiang on material used intraoperatively. V itrectomy & laser machine is needed for this. These recostly machines. Surgical skills required are very high. Let me know if you have any other queries
Query : Would like to know the approximate cost for removing the pterygium permanently?
The Approx cost of Pterygium surgery per Eye Rs 20000/- and Rest of 7 days will be enough post surgery.
Query : Got eye infection post cataract surgery. Need advice.
I am retina Surgeon. She must have hot postoperative endophthalmitis as per the description. Current Dr must have given intravitreal antibiotics and performed core vitrectomy. Post op endophthalmitis is very serious condition & some patients may not get satisfactory vision recovery. Eye may remain irritable & intermittent pain redness may occur. Continue treatment with retina surgeon, so that at least Dr will try to keep eye quiet & she will be symptomatically better
Query : Pls advice me treatment for blocked tear duct.
If left eye tear duct is closed, you will need following surgery- dacryocystorhinostomy or C-DCR depending upon level where the duct is blocked. Whether sinus surgery was successful and for what purpose it was done? Recurrent cold, sinusitis can also cause and exacerbate watering from eyes. Excess watering can make vision hazy temporarily. Consult a local eye surgeon 
Query : Pls give the package for cataract surgery for both eyes at Pune.
Dear patient, one eye cataract surgery now and one after 3 months is possible. Surgery cost depends on lens & other surgical materials used during surgery and surgical technique. One eye surgery cost range from Rs 16000-18000 to 30000-35000 depending on above factors as mentioned. Pl let me know if you have any other queries 
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