• Specialist In: Renal Transplantation, Robotic UroSurgery, Uro-Oncology,Radical prostatectomy, Radical cystectomy, Neo bladder diversion, Cystectomy, Renal tumours with IVC thrombus.
  • Experience : Dr. Ginil Kumar Pooleri joined Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in May 2002 as specialist in the department of Urology. He had his entire training from basic medical graduation to the post graduation in Urology at Calicut Medical College. After his education, he visited, observed and worked with eminent urologists and uro-oncologists inside India and outside. He was promoted as Professor in the Department of Urology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in 2008 . He had his main focus in the field of Uro-Oncology since 2004 and is now a recognized figure in the field Uro-Oncology in the country and is an invited faculty for academic programs in the field. He is a recognized laparoscopic surgeon. He has presented lot of papers in retroperitoneosopic surgeries and on complex uro-oncology procedures and robotic surgeries at national level. He got trained in robotic surgery at Atlanta and is leading one of the fastest growing robotic Uro-Oncology program in the country.

    He presented the first extra peritoneal radical prostatectomy in the country at USI conference at Calcutta in 2011, first female neobladder in the state at UAK meeting at Kannur, first extra peritoneal robotic adrenalectomy in the country at USICON Hyderabad in 2016.

    He regularly conducts Uro-Oncology CME which is well attended by senior faculty and aspirants in the field. Also, he is recognized for his contribution as a teacher and is an invited faculty for Board of Education program at national level conducted by Urological Society of India.

    He was a panel member in the guideline committee for bladder carcinoma by both Association of Southern Urology( 2006) and Urological Society of India (2007). He is currently a councillor for Association of Southern Urologists and is a member of the Board Of Education of the Urological Society of India which is recognition for his academic contribution to the field. He has about 20 papers in national and international journals to his credit.

    He is recognized for his skill as a surgeon in the field of Laparoscopic and Robotic uro-oncology procedures. He leads the uro-oncology program of the institution and gets lot of references for complex uro-oncology procedures like radical prostatectomy, radical cystectomy, neo bladder diversion after cystectomy, renal tumours with IVC thrombus etc.
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